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World Children’s Day with Dietrich Wersich

The World Children’s Day is celebrated annually all over the world from country to country on different days. The celebration of this day takes place in Germany each year on the 20th September.

The slogan of this year was “Children deserve time”. The proclamation of the Day is traced back to the 21st September 1954 during the ninth Plenary Meeting of the United Nations. The World Children’s Organization UNICEF awarded the contract to take care of festive arrangement and appropriate appraisal for the Day. Meanwhile the Day is celebrated in 145 countries. The meaning and purpose of the World Children’s Day is to bring awareness on parents and children on the importance on constructing a children’s rights world for the children’s development to adulthood with space for self-expression. A worldwide appeal was proven to be absolutely necessary because there are still many countries in the world where compulsion for children labour takes place under human degrading conditions.

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On the German World Children’s Day this year, the 1st Chairlady from IMIC e.V., Sylvaina Gerlich organized together with Mable Opoku-Preach the visit of the Hamburg City Hall by 15 African Children. After a warm welcoming with snacks and drinks by the Chairman of CDU-Group in the Hamburg Parliament, Dietrich Wersich, adolescents from 8 to 19 years old were guided by him throughout the Hamburg City Hall. Dietrich Wersich was available for one hour for questions and providing information.

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The entire Event was accompanied by the press and the Ministry of Economy and Chairman of the Trade Chamber in Togo. After the tour the CDU distributed gift bags to the young Africans.
The Event was concluded with interviews of African press representatives, the youth and Dietrich Wersich.

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